10 Common Words Even Content Writers Get Wrong





When you’re dealing in words you have to make sure you’re using them correctly.

One wrong word could alter an important fact in your writing and spell disaster for you. I’ve made a list of a few words that always trip me up. And I’ve included some hints to help you remember the correct way to use some of these words.

  1. Stationary means not moving. He rode his stationary bike until his legs felt like rubber.
  2. Stationery means writing material. The stationery she bought for her wedding was absolutely hideous. Hint: Stationery has an “e” so I think of wedding invitations – both words contain an “e.”
  3. Complement means something that completes or improves something else. Red wine provides the perfect complement to steak.
  4. Compliment is an expression of praise or congratulations. My compliments to your husband’s cooking. Hint: Compliment has an “i” and when “I’m” being praised it’s about me.
  5. Principal is the head of a school or a capital sum. The principal waved to the students. Hint: We were taught in school that the principal was our “pal.”
  6. Principle refers to a basic truth that provides the reasoning for acting in a certain way.  He based his decision upon his strong principles.
  7. Emigrate refers to leaving your own country to settle in another country. My mother emigrated from Scotland. Hint: Emigrate starts with an “e” and so does exit and you’re leaving a country when you emigrate.
  8. Immigrate means to enter another country to reside there. Many Canadians immigrate to England every year. Hint: Immigrate begins with an “i” and so does “in” and you’re coming into a country when you immigrate.
  9. Adverse means detrimental or preventing success. The adverse effects were devastating. Hint: Adverse has a “d” and so does detrimental.
  10. Averse refers to being opposed to something. The members were averse to paying the increase in fees.

What words trip you up? Share your comment.

Photo Source: WalkerKarraa (Pixabay); Reference: Oxford Canadian Dictionary of Current English


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