10 Ways to Promote Your Book (Part 1)

Use a personal story or a trending story that relates to your book


Promote and Market your book like a Master

More than 70 ways to promote your book (Part 1)

promote and market your bookSo here we are making a list with all the possible ways you can follow to promote your book. As we mentioned in our previous post, the most powerful way to promote your book is the “word of mouth”.  We mentioned that you need to build an “Author  Platform” in order to maximize your promotion and branding. Here is a list with tips to follow in order to promote your book and your “Author Platform” in the most effective way.

  1. Know your audience/market:This is crucial to your marketing plan and the promotion of your book. Imagine yourself writing a romance novel, but promoting it in a paranormal-fan audience. It is going to have no appeal at all. On the other hand, if you really have written a wonderful romance novel, promoting it through a romance-fan audience you will get much more shares and sales.This is even more important for self-published authors since Amazon gives you the ability to choose only between 2 categories for your book. Different choices are going to drive to a different number of sales.But even if you are writing a book for a publisher it is very useful to know about your audience. That way you are able to know which publishing house to prefer. Doing a little research you can easily find out what genre each publishing house prefers and approach the right one.
  2. Have a budget:You cannot do everything by yourself. That is the reason why there are professionals too. It is true that you have to play an active part in your book’s promotion, but that does not mean that you should not refer to professionals. So, decide on the budget you are willing to use and then make your promotional plan. If you really have a high budget to spend the best choice might be the BookBub promotion services otherwise you can find smaller sites to promote your book (like this one offering free and paid promotion services). In any case make sure that you will check the site’s ranking through the Alexa.com rankings to know more about it.
  3. Schedule your writing plan.Ok, we have already mentioned that so I am going to be brief about it. All you need to do is to put down all your ideas and then decide which one comes first. This is like saying…
    “I am going to run give away from Thursday to Monday paying to X site for promoting my free book on Saturday and Sunday. Then I will keep my book’s price as low as 0.99$ and right after that I will raise my price to 2.99$ and run a contest about a free e-book reader for one lucky reader. I will be promoted through This site the days of the contest.”
  4. Be CreativeThis very vital too.The majority of authors just keeps posting on a Facebook page like this.“This is my book. Please take a look!” or “ Take a look at my new book available only for 2.99$” and anything like this.All you need to do is to find a unique and creative way to promote your book. That way you are going to grab your audience’s interest
  5. Tell your personal story. Readers love reading about the author’s life. So tell your story about how you started writing and what have you been through following your dream. Create 2-3 memorable paragraphs and let the people know about it.
  6. Build your email list.The easiest way to achieve is by posting great content on your writing platform.The just invite people to subscribe to your list. Since you have some subscribers you will also have some people to inform when our book is going to come out.
  7. Make the buyer’s life easyMake sure that your potential buyers/readers are not going to find a difficulty I purchasing your novel. So, attach links under our description and promoting posts to redirect the reader to your sales page.
  8. Link your book to trending topicsTry to write articles bout your book or your book’s genre related to current popular interests
  9. Schedule social mediaIt is important to decide what and when you are going to post on twitter, Facebook and other sites about your book. You must choose a time when the majority of your potential readers would be online so as to notice our posts.To find out about the best time to make a post you must already have decided bout your market and audience. Then you need to spend some days observing what time the majority of the posts are being uploaded on the groups, pages, etc related to your genre. Then you are ready to start posting about your book too.
  10. Promote your book for free.This is a powerful way to let people know about your book. We have already mentioned in our previous post that you must care about the distribution not money. Readers love getting a book for free and this is why that is a powerful way of letting people know about your work. Take a look at our article bout 9 sites where you can promote your book for free.

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