Amazon searchability tip for authors


Amazon searchability tip for authors

Amazon searchability

Do you want your book to be seen by more people on Amazon?

Improve its Amazon searchability.

That involves showing up near the top of the Amazon search results when people are looking for a book like yours .

Amy Collins of New Shelves has a great strategy for making sure your book shows up at the top of Amazon search results for your topic or title.

Here’s how it works: Amazon’s search function is actually a powerful search engine. When people are looking for a book on a topic or genre, they use the Amazon search box the same way they use Google: They type in keywords or key phrases related to the book’s subject, the exact title, the author’s name, or maybe the genre.

Amazon searchability 2

Amazon figures out what to show them in the same way that Google does. Both search engines rely on users to help them determine which search results are the most relevant. And that’s what you want to do with Amy’s tip — you want to help Amazon learn that your book is relevant to the right search terms.

Here’s how to do that.

1. Ask a few friends to type in relevant keywords and your book title, then click on your book in the search results.

Provide them with the keywords you selected for your book when you set it up on Amazon so they know what to use.

2. Ask them to type in your book title plus a relevant best-seller.

Give them the best-seller title. Better yet, give them two or three best-seller titles and ask them to repeat the process with all best-seller titles.

3. Ask them to type in your book title plus its genre or category.

Again, give them the genre or category.

It will take somebody five minutes to do all of this for you. Not much to ask, is it?

Doing this now and again will help increase your book’s searchability on this powerful book selling site.

What’s your favorite Amazon selling tip? Please share it in a comment.

Tip of the Month

Amazon searchability 3I always share a “Tip of the Month,” a free resource or tool for authors, on the last Wednesday of the month.

This month it’s PicMonkey, a free online image editor. I use it to resize my blog images purchased from Adobe Stock. The image files they provide are so large that if I don’t resize them, the image doesn’t look right and the page takes longer to load.

PicMonkey lets me easily reduce the file size before uploading the image to this blog.

The site also lets you add filters, frames, effects, and text to your images, too. Learn more at


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