Another 10 Ways to Promote Your Book (Part 2)

Actions you can take after your book is published


Another 10 ways to promote your book

Promote Your Book Like a Master (Part 2)

10 ways to promote your book

This is the part 2 of the previous article about the best ways to promote your book. So here are another 10 ways to choose in order to boost your book’s sales.

    1. Use Good Reads:
      Goodreads is an excellent place for your book. Make sure to make use of it. You can use Goodreads for a great amount of reasons. What I use to to do is searching about the book covers for my genre and then decide on mine as well as making giveaways too in order to raise my book’s popularity.
    2. Reader’s Guide:
      You should try to create a reader’s guide and place it at the end of your book. Your book’s description is also an example of such a guide. So make sure that it lets your readers know about the genre and the basic concept of your book.
    3. Time for some copywriting principles:
      Marketing your book is far more than story telling. Make sure to use all your copywriting and content marketing skills in order to make your audience to be your book’s buyers.
    4. Use Google Hangouts & Google+
      You should try to record an author interview on Google Hangouts or just a simple Hang out with some of your fans (who can actually be some of your friends) to let people know you better. Now, there are many programs to use in order to record from your computer’s screen, but the most famous one might be Camtasia offering  30 days free trial. Try this out.
    5. Be different:
      Well, we have already mentioned this in our very first article before counting he possible ways to promote your book but here it is for one more time. Whatever way you might choose to promote your book, make sure it is not going to be like all the other book promotion on Facebook and Twitter. What I mean is just avoid starting posting everywhere “This is my book” or “Please take look at my book” and anything like that. Nobody cares bout our books and we have to make them care. But this is not the way. You must be creative and find out a unique ay to promote your book. If it is totally different than all the other usual ways of book promotion, then it is going to capture a reader’s eye and might want  to find out some more about your book. Here is your chance to win the reader
    6. Get a professional author photo
      This is part of your brand and branding yourself is really important for your social profile. So, avoid photos with cats and dogs or after having a great night with a lot of shots. Please, wear some good clothes and get a professional picture for your profile. Believe it or not it is going to raise your popularity and that is exactly what you need.
    7. Get a Press release.
      Now, that might not be the easiest thing to do in order to promote your book, but if you really need to try it. Press releases are often very convincing for a reader seeking book to read. Make sure to mention all the information of your book as well as your author platform. Here are some sites where you can submit your book for a press release for free.
    8. Grow your social networks
      This is critical for your book’s marketing. All you need to do is searching for people related to your book’s genre or theme and adding them to your social network. Growing bigger and bigger you will be able to get promoted to an even bigger number of people who might spread the word bout your book if they find it great. So all you do ist raise your chances to get that.
    9. Make frequent and strategic guest post.
      There are two things you should know about the guest posts.
      Firstly, here is no reason for making guest posts on sites smaller than yours and…
      Secondly, there is no reason to make guest post on sites irrelevant to your book’s genre or content. No one is going to read them.
      I think you can now start making useful guest posts raising your popularity!
    10. Get some reviews before even releasing your book
      The reason you might want to do that is because everyone looks on your book reviews to decide if he is going to buy it or not. So having at least 8-10 5star reviews is going to boost dramatically your sales.The easiest way to achieve that is offering your book for free for an honest book review. You can easily find avid readers willing to get such a deal through Facebook or Twitter. All you need to do is search for #avid reader or #book review
      That I all for now. We will come back to you with another 10 ways to promote your book on our next post. So, keep in touch.


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