Pros and Cons of Book Award Contests: Which are Worth the Price?

There are so many book awards and contests out there. Which are worth entering?


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Book Award Contests – Pros and Cons

A *Self-Publishing group member on Yahoo asked a question about whether participating in book award contests is worth it. Several years ago I’d written a couple of posts on the topic. Here’s the link:

[*NOTE: Self-publishing is a very valuable Yahoo group for learning all about self-publishing. To join, login to Yahoo, go to Groups, and search for Self-Publishing]

Here is a Search Word Pro that updates the many lists of awards that are out there and the strategies, tactics and pros and cons.

[NOTE: I cannot activate the links below, so please go to the source –listed at end of post — to look up the specific information on each of these categories]

Book Awards

Best Book Awards List

Best Book Awards for Children’s Books

Best Book Awards for Fiction

Book Award Contests Scams

book award contests pros cons

book award contests things to know

book awards worthwhile or meaningless?


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