5 Starter Strategies for Writers Interested in Self-Publishing

5 Starter Writing strategies for Writers Interested in Self Publishing

Along with the gigantic traditional book publishing industry today, there has been a massive emergence of the self publishing market. Writers are no longer waiting for their manuscripts to be snapped up by publishing houses, but rather are opting to work with a self publishing book company and go ahead with publishing their own works. Print on demand companies as well as publishers that offer a wide range of comprehensive self publishing services are now a big part of the industry today. And off course being a digital world we live in, e book publishing is also another viable and popular option for authors today.

If you are considering self publishing, know that it is a totally different ball game from traditional publishing. The opportunities may be myriad and plenty and can be totally exciting for a writer, but it can get overwhelming pretty fast. Before you take that step and jump right into self publishing, here are a few Starter Writing strategies for Writers Interested in Self Publishing to help you get started –


Starter Writing strategies

No. 1 – Asses what your niche is: In order to truly create a stand out book, it has to know what it is. That is you need to be clear about what your expertise is and what kind of genre and niche you are targeting. If and only if you hone in on your niche, will you be able to identify your target audience. You will then be able to not only write about something you are truly interested in and have knowledge off, but will have a clearer idea of what your target readers will want to read.

No. 2 – Check out the competition: Once you gauge your niche and create a well defined path. Make sure you check what other kinds of books are available today in that niche. The world of self publishing not only gives you the opportunities to publish, but millions of other writers as well. You need to see what has already been done and how and make sure your work is not redundant. This may also help you in picking up the latest trends and popular genres that are currently if that is of importance to you and if you want to cash in on the trend.

No. 3 – Get some support : With traditional book publishing you have a team and support that guides you along the way. When you work with a self publishing book company you will work all on your own. It always helps to find a support group compromising of fellow writers, publishers and those in the biz. Find publishing communities and writers’ groups in your city to gain some knowledge and feedback about the process. Since the editing, production, quality control, marketing and other factors will be yours to handle if you go the self publishing way, this kind of support and knowledge will prove to be invaluable.

No. 4 – Find out about your options: Not all self publishing companies are the same and neither are the printing options you have access to nowadays. You can even opt for a direct digital publishing of your book, if the digital and e book genre is more your cup of tea rather than a paper print. Also, consider getting some extra help by hiring a professional editor or a designer to design your book cover and your website.

No. 5 – Get a grip on marketing – In the world of self published books, you will have to be your very own marketing team. Do research on what that entails and find the various ways to market your book. Since you will likely have a smaller readership base anyway and no publishing house backing your efforts, marketing will play a crucial role in your success. Consider avenues like social media sites, writers’ and literary discussion forums, blogs and more.


Candice Pinto is a self published author of 2 romance novels and also writes her own blog. She has worked with extensively with a self publishing book company in India and offers her blog readers guidance on the same. She is currently working on her first mystery at http://becomeshakespeare.com/.

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