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If you want to be a writer, writing book alone is not enough. You must either know how to market them or find some experts to market it for you. Because without a proper marketing plan, you are going nowhere and your dream of becoming a good writer will die even before it started. As I have always said before, I never write as an expert and I am only writing about my own experiences here and nothing more.

Having said that however I have spent the last one and half year on book marketing alone and those were the ways I actually used as the marketing tools for my books. I am going to list them here for you so you can have a look, thanks!

1. Start marketing your book at least 1 year before you start writing the first page.
2. Start telling your friends, families and co-workers.
3. Write a very good book.
4. Find the list of bookshops and libraries in your local area.
5. Find out if you have any friends or relatives on the local media.
6. Find out if you have any friends or relatives in a very powerful position.
7. Join the social networking sites, FB, Linkedin and Twitter should be okay.
8. Open two separate accounts on FB – author page and private one.
9. Join more books related groups but remember the word READERS not AUTHORS.
10. Start interacting with people by reading and commenting on their post.
11. Create an official website and start filling up necessary details.
12. Start blogging; write anything about your book, life and hobby.
13. Search for online papers and start contributing in a regular basis.
14. Look for voluntary works that can help enhance your networking.
15. Hired a professional editor, proofreader and cover designer.
16. Prepare a nice and pithy PRESS RELEASE
17. Start collecting e-mail addresses from the day one.
18. Use apps like Hootsuite, Buffer or Socialoomph to send multiple posts.
19. Find beta readers through Wattpad and other sites.
20. Find reviewers through website, newspapers and other journals.
21. Hire a publicist through media firm, if you can afford.
22. Arrange events such as book launch and ask people to take action.
23. Check with your local TV/Radio stations and see if they want to have you at their shows.
24. Buy at least one promotion package for a head start.
25. Use at least two # hashtags on each post to maximize exposure.
26. Post short and sweet quotes from the book in a regular basis.
27. Use motifs with your motivational quotes for more visibility.
28. If viable, make your books available on both digital and print version.
29. You can publish your e-book on Amazon, Kobo, Nook, Smashworld, Apple, Google etc, but my preference would be KDP Amazon. It offers higher royalty as well as your book will be made available in 14 different countries including China.
30. Put your books in Goodreads and use their authors’ friendly services.
31. Create an author page at Amazon and make sure that they are regularly updated.
32. Words of mouth are still the best way of marketing through friends, families, classmates and colleagues.
33. Check with your community, church/temple and school to spread word.
34. Use paid services like Bookbub, Book-Gorilla and EreaderNewsToday and host of others if you can afford.
35. Provide free books to reviewers using services like booksgosocial, choosybookworms and others.
36. Run free books promo at Amazon. If you are on Amazon KDP, you can do it once in every three months’ period.
37. Run free giveaway at Goodreads. But you must have print version.
38. Advertise on Amazon’s PPC (Pay per click) platform
39. Use Bookbutterfly while running a free promo, they guarantee certain numbers of download per package and it is affordable.
40. Advertise on Goodreads’ PPC platform.
41. Subscribe to as many free promotion websites as you can find out there.
42. Participate on book fairs.
43. Take part on book tours if possible.
44. Use videos to promote your works through Youtube.
45. Do audio books for podcasting.
46. Exchange guest post with fellow authors.
47. Use freebies such as bookmark, mug, and keychain to spread words.
48. Do it as a business not a hobby.
49. Repeat the whole process again and again in a regular basis.
50. If not, hire someone to do it for you or just change the profession.

I must have tried almost all of them except book tour and video/audio and somehow managed to sold/downloaded approx. 7k books in total by now. Having said that however it is not guaranteed by any means that it will work hence caveat must be hereby given in advance. One should make your own choices according to your liking, budget and time. If you are lucky, doing half from the list should be enough to generate good sale. Meantime, it is also possible that you will have no big changes in sale even after you have tried them all. All in all, there is no silver bullet that can make you a bestselling author overnight and if anybody says so, he/she is a fraud. But one thing is guaranteed – if you don’t do anything on marketing, nothing will happen for sure.

I have spent thousands of dollars, one and half year of my precious life, and bucketful of efforts to learn the trade. As I don’t write for money or fame and only write for my charity, I want to help other new writers out there and share my experiences.

If you want to know more about any particular subject from the list, please write to me directly and I will explain. If many people asked for the same question, I will write a piece and post it on my regular blog. Sounds interesting?

All you have to do is sign up at my website – http://www.timigurung.com

All the best, take care and keep writing!

TIM I GURUNG/AUTHOR AT ISSLCARE – http://www.timigurung.com

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