6 Tips Every Blogger Needs-How to write a blog

6 Tips every Blogger Needs-How to write a blog

In today’s day and age, blogging has grown to be one of the most widely used forms of New Media to interact with the masses. The face of news reporting, essay writing, short story writing etc. has evolved to the force that is blogging.

Many novice writers begin writing their own blogs and are often stuck between a rock and a hard place. The approach used to writing blogs differs from mainstream writing in many ways. There are various types of blogs that cater to different target audiences. From business blogs, to cookery blogs – the audience is a mixed bag of people looking mainly for a good read. The sole duty of the blogger is to give the audience what stands out for them.

 how to write a blog

The know-how – tips on how to write a blog

The title
A blog’s title often creates the first impression on the readers, egging them on to further explore the article. A long-winding, very expressionless title will often force the reader to quit on reading the post, because if they found the title boring, maybe the rest of the article is not interesting either. Short, catchy, not so over the top titles often get more attention and help retain the audience.

Having a theme
Sometimes, a title can seem a lot easier to manifest if there is a specific theme that the writer follows. Making sure that the blog has a themed approach also helps a writer to stay true to his or her topics, enabling him or her to come up with fast and easy ideas.

Keep it simple
Long sentences and longer paragraphs are no place for a blog. The aim is to constantly maintain the retention of the audience. The sentences may contain important facts, but they can be broken up into points or smaller sentences.
Grammar matters
Blogging is no place for text language (ie; the language often used over text messages that uses short forms or abbreviations.) full words, proper punctuation, etc. also gain a larger, more well- read audience. This, in turn, will help expose your blog.

Visual appeal
Aligned paragraphs, punctuated sentences, capitalized words, etc. all factorise the visual appeal of the blog. A haphazard blog doesn’t look visually appealing to many readers. This also shows that the writer may not have solid points to put forth and cannot form structured ideas. Furthermore, when a similar topic is attempted again by the writer, he or she will find it hard to find a good beginning from the previously written blog.

Innovative and new topics

Always maintain a new approach to writing about many new topics. A fresh idea or a new way to approach things always gathers crowds and demands attention. Again, keeping it simple is advised. Though the idea may be innovative, the long winding titles, paragraphs or sentences do lose out on audiences.

Following all these steps will result in a blog that will be fresh, up-to-date, and inviting.

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