9 Critical Steps to Successful Self-Publishing: Get it Right the First Time

So You’ve Written a Book …


You’ve spent months or years putting your heart and soul into writing your book and you’re looking forward to publishing it. But with over 500,000 books published each year, how will your book get noticed? Don’t wait to learn what you did wrong when your book gets no traction, but get it right the first time by learning what you need to do before publishing, and what first-time-author mistakes to avoid.

What’s Inside

  • The number one mistake all self-published authors make
  • Identify, and reach, your target audience (without paying for advertising)
  • Differences between traditional, independent/self, and subsidy publishing, and printing
  • Determine the best keywords to associate with your book
  • Features that must be in place before you publish
  • Elements and costs of independent publishing

To improve your chances of success, the ideal time to read this book is while you’re still writing yours.

About the Author
Bryna Kranzler is the author of the award-winning historical biography, The Accidental Anarchist, the true story of an Orthodox Jew who was sentenced to death three times in the early 1900s in Russia—and lived to tell about it. (He also happened to have been Bryna’s grandfather.)

The Accidental Anarchist is the winner of the Sharp Writ Book Award for General Non- Fiction, the Readers Favorite Award for Historical/Cultural Non-Fiction, the International Book Award, the National Indie Excellence Award for a Historical Biography, and the USA Best Books Award for a Historical Biography.

Bryna’s Self-Publishing Posts

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