9 Critical Steps for Successful Self-Publishing LAUNCHES TODAY

Today my new book, 9 Critical Steps to Successful Self-Publishing: Get It Right the First Time, becomes available for sale on Amazon. The book grew out of my disappointment at discovering all the things I didn’t know before I published my first book — things that would have helped me attract more attention to my first book.
















The book shares the biggest mistakes first-time authors make. It also gives you tips on how to identify and reach your target audience (without paying for advertising), how to determine the best keywords to associate with your book, explains the difference between different types of publishing,  and reviews the elements and costs of independent publishing. In short: this book contains what I wish I had known before I published my first book.

The best time to read this book is while you’re still writing your own, however, whether you’re about to publish and are considering how to do so, or you have already published your book and want tips on how to attract more attention for it, you’ll find the tips and hypertext permalinks in this book that will be helpful for your promotion process.

Learn more about the book at www.BrynaKranzler.com/NewBook or download it from its Amazon page.

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