Avoid First Time Writer Mistakes – 9 Strength Tips for Coaches





I wanted to share this snippet by a coaching client of mine, Judy Krings:

Do you want to write a book, but your brain gets stuck in freeze-frame fear mode? Or maybe you have a message to deliver, but you can’t get your mojo movin’? Positive psychology coaching helps you overcome overwhelm. It magnifies opportunities for writing success.

Empower yourself with 9 Strengths Tips I wish I had known BEFORE I initiated my book:

1. Critical Thinking and Creativity.

Plan ahead! Know your mission before your fingers hit the keyboard. Do our homework first. Mindmap your purpose and who you want your book to serve. Fall in love with colorful, funky post-it notes, message boards or favorite techie note-taking devices. Let your ideas flow and watch your enthusiasm grow.

2. Self Regulation and Fairness.

Get organized, set time aside to write, and make a “fair to yourself” time line for completion. No excuses! Look your “yes-but’s” and “if only’s” in the eye and challenge them to a “get it done” dual. You win and yell “Mission accomplished!” Of course you have competing agendas. That’s life. It’s hard. But be true to talented you. Don’t expect perfection.

3. Social Intelligence and Curiosity.

Know who you are marketing to and the purpose of our message. Curiously ascertain how your book will serve their needs. Take a fun poll of your colleagues. See how your book will benefit them. As author of “Curious”, Todd Kashdan, would say, “Embrace uncertainty”. Be a flexible, “curious explorer”.

4. Diligence and Authenticity.

Expect hard work but feel fun in your achievement. Let the real you rip. Tell on yourself like I did in my book. Nothing like getting busted in a Cuban cemetery. No jail time, but great stories captured.

5. Zest and Gratitude.

Join a writers/book marketing community. Get mentors. Remember positive psychology pioneer Chris Peterson’s mantra, “Other people matter.” Let them know how much you appreciate their enthusiasm in helping you reach for your writing star.

6. Teamwork and Leadership.

Expect to pull your hair out, but not all of it! Be the lead sled dog, but get a book/writing/marketing coach. Here’s one of my favorite quotes, “No man is an island.”, John Donne. You will have questions and you deserve answers. You have invested your heart and soul, but you also need to invest cash if you what a return on your hard-earned investment.

7. Humor and Tenacity.

Cuss if you must, but never give up! Feeling blue with no words flowing out if you? Get moving! Get the adrenalin hopping. Call a friend. Pet your dog or get one if you don’t have one. Rescue one for a super win win. That pup will perk you up while you write! Not a pet lover? Get a stuffed animal or lucky charm. Anything that makes you smile.

8. Bravery and Hope/Optimism.

Phooey to FEAR. It is only “Fantasized Experience Appearing Real!” Warning! You need to eat your Wheaties when you write a book. And add a little bran, too, if you know what I mean. Words can really block you up!

Life is what you tell yourself it is. Perception is everything. You can ACT the way you choose or REACT negatively when you put someone else in YOUR driver’s seat. Lighten your emotional load. LET GO of baggage that does not serve you.

9. Capacity to Love and Be Loved and Kindness.

Lasso love for yourself. Lavish encouragement onto your psyche. Here’s a technique I read about the other day, and wish I had saved the source. To feel happier, hug yourself. Yup, sounds weird, but try it. Charm yourself as you chuckle. Let me know if it worked!

Bless Judy Cullins and Viki Winterton, the greatest mentors ever. You can see all my foibles and more ways to prevent the screw ups I made when you read my “Birthing My First Book” article in The Coach Exchange’s Published! Magazine.

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