How Book Trailers Can Help Market an Ebook

Have any of you created a book trailer for your paperback or ebook? Some thoughts on the value of a book trailer


How Book Trailers Can Help Market an Ebook

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Much like a movie trailer, an ebook trailer can create anticipation for the ebook before it is released. By creating a book trailer, you can promote your book and increase your sales by a large number.

There are many approaches for an author to take into consideration when deciding how to market a book. Marketing a book trailer is a very different and often times unsought form of promotion to get attention for your ebook.  Book trailers provide visual hints at what’s taking place in the storyline and are typically short in duration.

For this reason, trailers should cover some of the main intriguing parts of the book in order to grab the reader’s attention in a short period of time.  A well edited trailer can prove to be an important aspect of book marketing and can be quite beneficial for a vast array of reasons. Here’s a few to start…..

Increased Sales

A good book trailer can increase sales dramatically. When a book trailer is engaging and informative, it can gain popularity with consumers and can increase a reader’s interest to purchase a book by a large percentage.  In fact, if a trailer is used on a sales landing page, the conversion rates can be increased by nearly 80%. Another stat – when video is used on a website (e.g. your author website), visitors will typically hang around two minutes longer than they would on a website that does not contain a video. More time + More Interest = More Sales!

Visual Magic

Ever pondered the billions of dollars spent on super bowl commercials every year and thought “There MUST be a method to the madness?”  Well there is!  Visual stimulation draws people in; helps create human connection and builds strong brand identity.  But not only does visual imagery drive more attention — it also drives more engagement. So in essence, using a trailer to market an ebook gives readers something to talk about.  The more readers talk, the more the word and hype about the book spreads, and the better the chances are of selling your book!

Creates Excitement

Who doesn’t love the hour of movie previews that are shown before the main feature! (I know the hour is a bit exaggerated).  The point is, movie trailers create excitement of what’s to come. Book trailers can have the same effect and if done right they can be a lot of fun to watch.  Since books usually don’t get the same variety of advertising choices as other types of media, using a book trailer to market an ebook is a creative option to get fans excited about an upcoming release.

Determining how to market a book can be a frustrating process. However, using a book trailer to market an ebook is a great way to help readers gain awareness about your book. By creating a book trailer, you can promote your book and increase your sales by a large number. A book trailer can also connect your readers with you and your brand, as well as get your prospective customers excited about the work you have to offer. When you are deciding how to market a book, you should definitely consider creating a book trailer, as it can draw a great deal of attention to the books you have written.


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