I have been working with authors for many years now and in this time I’ve learned what are the most pressing things, the things that bothers them the most in regards to their online presence & their book website.

Your Author Website is your “home on the web” — the place where everything comes together.

Whether readers discover you on Facebook, Amazon or in JFK Airport’s gift-shop, every time someone visits your website it’s an opportunity for YOU to make an emotional connection, sell a book, add a subscriber, and gain a fan.

Your Writing Creates Emotion!

Your personal brand does the same thing. Like your book cover, your website design helps you create the first emotional connection with readers.

I have build a website where I have covered a few of the most important things:


A way to showcase the books, that really ads value by presenting the books in a spectacular yet clean way. This is the first main thing people see when their land on the website, check out a few nice headers:

You can see live demos here – http://authorwebsiteexample.com/


There are a few main elements for a perfect about me page for any author. Here is a good way to build an author page:

A few key elements:

a. Bio
b. Books
c. Social Media
d. Contact Info
e. Highlights
f. Call To Action

You can see a live demo here – http://authorwebsiteexample.com/about-me/

3. Your Book/Books

Pretty straight forward yet so important. You need a nice “category” page where you can present your books, preferably using a filter.

and then you need a page for each of your books, with links to purchase:

1. Kindle Edition – US
2. Printed Edition – US
3. Printed Signed Copy – US
4. Kindle UK
5. Kindle EU

and any other places people could purchase your book.

4. A Blog – Where you can talk to your readers

A simple blog, simple for your readers and simple for you to use.

Then you need a contact page, social media integration and legal pages.

Of course there are more things but these are a few important ones, and if you got these covered your are on your way to create long lasting followers and a coherent author brand, and ultimately sell more books.

If you have any questions or need help please contact me here on linkedin.

Here is the author website live demo – http://authorwebsiteexample.com/

Please comment bellow, I would love to hear your thought 🙂

Have a Nice Day,
Taylor Rees

P.S. Next article will cover a few basic things about author website management and 18 quick tips to make your website 18 times better.