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If you plan to share your author expertise with the world, consider guest blogging with Judy Cullins. Whether your online publication covers book writing, marketing, self-publishing – or a related topic – it will be well served at

Get involved today! Read all the details at

In 2015, our website maintained a bounce rate of 6.41%. That means over 93% of our visitors continue to explore our pages well after landing on the first page. It means we attract targeted visitors who desire our book tips and knowledge.

They will love yours too!

In fact, an average visitor to our website browses at least 4 pages. Almost 17% of our daily traffic comes from a repeat audience. A devoted following that wants your pearls of wisdom.

And that’s not all!

Consider These Benefits

When you make the home of your new blog post, we will…

>Send a campaign to our email list of over 7,700 double opt-in and independently verified subscribers.

>Send an email announcement to our LinkedIn author group of over 14,400 members.

>Share the post as a discussion with 14 other focused LinkedIn book groups.

>Create a social media post to share with our followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ – a combined audience of over 5,600 aspiring authors and writers. We’ll create a second unique overlay image post for you as well that highlights some of the key points in your publication.

>Feature your blog post for at least 3 days on our website as well as keep it pinned at the top of our LinkedIn group and social media pages for 3 days too.

But wait, there’s more!

As a contributing guest blogger at, we will also…

>Create a listing on our contributing writers page that features your short biography, your photo, and links back to your website (your main website, Twitter, and Facebook).

>Feature your author bio box at the bottom of all your guest blog posts.

>Allow you to promote one web page or product at the end of each submitted and approved guest blog post.

So, what’s the catch?

There’s no catch! We’re just looking for quality content to share with our hungry and wonderful readership.

We’ll be sharing your publication with our entire network and we hope you will share it with yours as well!

Your guest blog post does need to meet our guidelines though and we do not guarantee that all submissions will be approved.

Get involved today! Check out the submission guidelines and submit your work at

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