Marketing Plan Worksheet

Marketing Plan Worksheet

Complete: Identification of Target Market:

 “My target audience ranges in age ƒrom         to            , and consists of people who enjoy                          and                              .”


Identify Amazon categories for your book:                                    and                                    .

Print your back jacket copy here and underline  keywords:



Keywords:                            ,                             ,                           ,                            ,                            ,                                

Using Adwords’ Keyword Planner, identify how many people are searching for each of these terms:

Keyword                                            Keyword ____________

Keyword                                            Keyword ____________

Keyword                                            Keyword ____________

Keyword ________

Number of People Searching On Amazon                      

Number of People Search on Twitter                       

Twitter Publications or Influencers                       


Complete: Benefit Statement

Other books in my genre that readers have enjoyed include                                                           and                                                                   . My book is similar to these books, but differs in the following way:


The main reason people will want to read my book is                                                                                            .”

Identify books similar to yours; look up and list their Amazon categories here:

Amazon categories:


Amazon categories:


Reviewers: Publications that review independently published books in my genre are (include reviewers’ names); include bloggers and reader/reviewers. Be sure to specify why you’re contacting each individual:







(Don’t forget to include local publications as well as those in the city in which your story is set, if relevant.)

Interviews (contact regarding potential interest). Use Benefit Statement from above:







Speeches (offer to speak for):




Awards Competitions to Enter:





 Download here: 9-critical-steps-Marketing-Worksheet