One Publication Tells You How to Get It to Review Your Book

One publications tells you what you need to do to get it to review your book


Be Subtle in Getting Your Book Reviewed

Take the Soft Approach in Getting Your Book Reviewed - public domain picture

Want to get your book reviewed? Most authors do and try pretty hard to get those reviews. Have you tried subtlety? It might be just what you are looking for and need. It might be just the thing to get the reviews you seek.

What is It to be Subtle?

To be subtle is to deliver a message without it being obvious. According to Webster’s dictionary, subtle is “hard to notice or see: not obvious: clever and indirect: not showing your real purpose: having or showing skill at recognizing and understanding things that are not obvious.” You get your message across without having a neon sign pointing at it. It is done smoothly and with finesse.

You need to get attention for your book without screaming for it. Most people don’t think it can be done, but you’d be surprised. You can probably get more results with subtlety than you can by getting in people’s faces.

Personally, I don’t like people who get right up in my face. It makes me want to back away and avoid them. If you’re really wanting me to read your book, why are you doing that then? You want to be the opposite. You want to be subtle.

Get to know me first. Get me interested in you. Then I’ll look at your book.

How Can You be Subtle in Getting Reviews?

So, how can you be subtle? That is a good question as most people are horrible at being discreet and indirect. They just are too much in your face about things. Remember the old adage of you get more flies with honey? But it is so true.

First, don’t come at me telling me about your book and what all you do. You never want to do that.

Keep your profile updated with all the links to your sites and works. The reason is that when we are interacting, I might decide to get to know you better. I’ll click over to your profile and see what kind of books you have written and where I can find your material.

Also, ask questions that pertain to your writing. For example, if I’m writing a story that involves guns, ask if anyone knows enough about them to help. People will get involved and get curious.

The point of subtlety is to make the readers curious. Ask questions. Make comments. Get involved, but do so in a way that can indirectly lead back to you if they are interested.


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